Ugandans for domestic tourism this festive season

Many Ugandans spend a lot of money traveling to foreign tourism destinations during these festive holidays. But there is plenty of nature and adventure to be experienced inside Uganda. This is because Uganda has a favorable weather that can enable you spend a week or two for your holiday with lots of things to see and do. It’s one country you visit and you feel away from home.

You may plan to go track gorillas and chimpanzees and do a game drive in search for wildlife in different national parks like Queen Elizabeth National park, Murchison Falls National park, etc

You could also spend a night in a tented luxury camp in the Ishasha sector. It’s a unique experience that you will leave to tell, you will actually love the true wilderness of Uganda. You may decide to visit Kalangala or Ssesse Island and delight in the white sandy beaches. It’s a perfect place for a family on holiday. During this time, lodges have special offers to their clients such as lunches, dinners as well as entertainment to make this Christmas memorable.

Domestic tourism has grown a lot in the recent past and more Ugandans need to maximise the opportunities here.

Domestic Tourism should be the way to go during this holiday!

Ugandans for domestic tourism this festive season