Ugandan Govt. abandons plans to construct power dam near Murchison Falls

“Uganda government has scrapped plans to construct a hydro power station near Murchison Falls”, an official said on Wednesday, a project tourism operators had warned would irreversibly scar one of East Africa’s natural wonders.

Earlier this year Uganda’s Electricity Regulatory Authority announced that a South African firm, Bonang Power and Energy Pty (Ltd), had applied for a license to construct a hydro power dam at Uhuru Falls, upriver from Murchison.

Uhuru Falls, which means “freedom” in Swahili, was created in 1962 when powerful floods cut a second channel about 200 meters (yards) north of Murchison Falls, after which the fabled park is named.

More than 100,000 tourists visit the falls every year and that is why tour operators had condemned the move to destroy the natural attraction that is of significant economic value to Uganda. In a statement released on Wednesday,AUTO(Association of Uganda Tour Operators) thanked the government for saving the falls.

Murchison falls national park commands over 31.4% of all Uganda’s park visitations,leading all the 10 national parks in visitors’ numbers.