The Uganda Wildlife Education Centre(UWEC) also known as Entebbe Zoo has welcomed two lion clubs born in the wee hours on Christmas day.7-year-old Mutagamba, a lioness named after former Tourism Minister; Maria Mutagamba gave birth to the two cubs. The cubs are in addition to the 7 lions at the zoo bringing it to a new total of 9 lions!

The UWEC Executive Director, Dr.James Musinguzi said the two clubs will be named either Emmanuel or Emmanuella according to their respective sexes.

The cubs are expected to be on view to the public in 2 months’ time.

Lions are part of the big five family and are one of the most sought-after safari species, and one of the most impressive to observe. They live in prides of around 15 individuals.Groups consist of related females and their cubs, who are often born around the same time and raised communally. Lions are the only true social cats and have special cultural significance in most countries on the continent. In Uganda, lions enjoy a reputation as ‘king of the beasts’ and are popular symbols of royalty, strength and bravery.