Top 5 Reasons to Go on Safari in Uganda

Have you ever wondered why Uganda is considered the Pearl of Africa? The top 5 reasons to go on safari in Uganda are enough to bring out the true meaning of a safari in this small, landlocked but beautiful country within the East African region, and is one of Africa’s finest safari destinations for remarkable wildlife safaris, breathtaking landscapes and sceneries, a wide array of wildlife species and so much more to discover.

Top 5 Reasons to Go on Safari in Uganda

Nature walks and trekking safaris in Uganda

Unrivaled Gorilla Trekking Tours

Uganda offers one of the most unrivaled gorilla trekking tours in the world with over 50% of the World’s mountain gorilla population and about 21 gorilla families that are fully habituated and open for trekking. For travelers that yearn for accessibility in trying to achieve their gorilla trekking dream, then this country answers your question about Uganda.

Authentic Chimpanzee Trekking Experiences

There is an unexplainable feeling in trekking the chimpanzees in Uganda-Kibale National Park that cannot be captured in words. At the break of dawn (at 8:00 am to be precise) 8 trekkers venture into the lush rainforest to have a glimpse of the great apes as they start their activity-filled day. This forest is also a wonderful place to be when the silence of the forest seems to last forever.  Trekking the chimpanzees is a hectic activity lasting between 30 minutes and 3 hours but the iconic and inherently photogenic moment with the chimpanzees will make you forget the hustle you went through in finding them.

Magnificent Wildlife & Birding Opportunity

One of the main motivations for visiting Africa specifically Uganda is to explore the rich wildlife diversity and a plethora of unique bird species. There can be few thrills in life that equal driving around and encountering a pride of lions dawdling along the Path, a stone throw from you, or better still a female elephant with her tinny and innocent-looking Calf, or maybe an African Fish eagle executing its emotive calls before capturing its prey, or seeing an elusive leopard trying to catch unsuspecting Uganda Kobs. The list could go on because this is what you will witness during your visit to Queen Elizabeth National Park and Murchison falls National Park in Uganda.

Birding in Uganda is beyond spectacular and is far more hands-on than in any other African country. As far as birding is concerned, Uganda can be overwhelming, as there are so many birds to see everywhere you turn. If, these statements are not enough to convince you to leave everything you are doing to consider visiting Rwenzori Mountains National Park, here are 5 reasons why it should be on your bucket list;

World-Class Mountain Hiking.

Feeling energetic and ready for some adrenaline-packed adventures in Uganda? There are many options for the enthusiastic mountains to try. Whether you are an experienced mountaineer or a casual hiker, the most thrilling and adventurous mountain is the Rwenzori Mountains and given its snow-capped peaks yet it’s on the Equator makes it more magical. Sure, there are snow-capped mountains on over the World but nothing really matches the beauty that the surreal Rwenzori Mountains can ever offer. Climbing the peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains is like walking from the Equator to the North Pole in just 9 days, characterized by significant changes in flora and fauna. Due to its diverse ecosystem, this natural wonder was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994.

Rich history & Cultural diversity

Uganda is one of the few places offering amazing history, worth learning about and this can be evidenced by the existence of many Museums throughout the country. The country has been endowed with over 53 tribes the Baganda, Banyankole, Bakiga, and Batooro to mention but a few, the Baganda is the oldest and most authentic culture in the World, not affected by the effects of modernity. From these cultural tours, travelers are provided with opportunities of learning about their local foods, dances, traditional dressing, souvenirs and symbols, and many other aspects of their cultures.

Get exceptional Uganda safari experiences by visiting places of breathtaking beauty with an array of wildlife. Every single visit brings new magic and freshness to your soul. It is time to book your Uganda safari with our travel advisors for the most unusual encounters.