The tourism industry after Kenya’s presidential elections

Kenya’s tourism sector is facing another bleak year after four consecutive years of decline in earnings due to insecurity fears.

In 2007,many beaches on Kenya’s sun-kissed Mombasa coast were empty and resorts were half-full on fears that the violence that ripped through the East African country after its last election would erupt again when it votes in 2017.

Though no tourists were hurt in the fighting after the disputed 2007 result but the violence was horrific, prompting foreigners already in the country to flee and others to cancel bookings.

Those fears, which are primarily caused by the Islamic militant group Al Shabaab, have now been exacerbated by new protests against the country’s electoral commission intensifying after the first round of the 2017 general election.

Tension still looms in the air mixed with a general of feeling anxiety after the second round of elections which was boycotted by the opposition. This certainly is not the most ideal environment for tourism prospects. However Kenya looks forward to more tourism bookings this year, both from the international and local market as well.

The tourism industry after Kenya's presidential elections