Conservation Through Public Health is hosting the second APS Conference in Entebbe Uganda,bringing together primatologists from across the continent to discuss primate conservation issues and place African primatology firmly on the map.

The conference that will be running up to 6th September is being held at Imperial Botanical Beach hotel under the theme Primate Conservation in Africa;Challenges and Opportunities.

Uganda,also known as the Primate capital, is home to many different primate species, with Kibale National Park containing the highest density in all of Africa.It’s believed that these primates evolved from Africa and that is why there is a closer resemblance to human kind. They have features that are more like humans for instance the stretchy arms and legs, large brains, fingers as well as toes. Among these primates include the mountain gorillas (which can be found in Mgahinga National park or Bwindi National park here Uganda), monkeys and apes.The actual relatives of humans are the chimpanzees.