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Adventure Activities in Uganda

Bungee over the Nile

Nile High Bungee is one of the most spectacular an adrenaline-boosting things you can experience in Uganda.

The station is a short distance out of Jinja town, known as the adventure capital of East Africa. The views from the bungee tower are scintillating. When not in use, Vervet monkeys stand watch over the water below.

The vista from the tower will show you dozens of thick forested islands, standing points for flocks of long-tailed cormorants.

Nile High bungee is 44m above the ravenous Victorian Source of the Nile. The daring participants may be able to brush the surface of the water below. Double the fun by plummeting down with a friend!

The tower can support 235kgs so you accessorise your jump with a bicycle, chair, kayak or let your imagination run wild.

The most popular way to jump is using ankle ties, but there is an option of a full-body harness for added versatility. This means you can choose any form of freestyle pose/dive to show off and make your friends and family jealous.

Nile High Bungee tower operates to professional standards set by law in Australia/New Zealand Standard™ Code of Practice for bungee jumping.

Commercial bungee jumping originated in New Zealand and the standards are reviewed bi-annually and altered/updated as new information arises.

Adventure activities in Uganda, Outdoor excursions in Uganda
Adventure activities in Uganda, Outdoor excursions in Uganda

White Water Rafting

The premiere rafting trip in Uganda takes place on the Nile River near Jinja town. The scenery transforms in moments from ambling relaxation to a thrill-ride through class five rapids.

The trip sets out with a brief but thorough safety orientation, and then you’re barreling down the river for the ride of your life with a quick break for lunch on one of the islands you pass along the way.

The guides that’ll be leading you are great people full of knowledge of the area and a willingness to help. Videos of the adventure are also available for purchase to have a better view of your trial. A day or two rafting is an option for you to add to a number of the safari tour packages we offer.

An overnight safari in Jinja with sightseeing is recommended to make your day and expedition even more special, and the next day you can raft again or do one of the many strenuous and exciting activities offered in Jinja.

Rafting is done daily year-round in spite of the weather, and we have a selection of trips suitable for ages 2 – 72 years.

We ask you to  remember that you will probably be in the sun most of the day so it is advisable to bring a T-shirt, swimsuit, bathing trunks/shorts and waterproof sunscreen for the journey on the river.

The water temperature is 27°C (49°F) all year round! For the end of the day we recommend you pack a towel, change of clothes and warm top.

Other Activities


Mabira Forest Canopy Super Skyway – This canopy zip-line sits 44km East of Kampala at Griffin Falls camp and is the first of it’s kind in Uganda.

The ‘sky-captains’ that man the aerial course will guide you through a network of 5 lines that travel 250m whilst hoisted high up above the river Musamya. Zip-line activities are done from 8am in the morning to 1pm and from 2pm to 6pm daily

Griffin Falls Camp is the result of various different grants and donations, organised by (MAFICO) Mabira Forest Integrated Community Organization. It was constructed with the aim to of encouraging ecotourism and generating income to assist funding in other worthwhile projects.

Quad biking – There is a range of companies which will allow you to go quad biking in the Ugandan countryside.

Most operate in and around the Jinja town area, often from Bujagali, or in Lake Mburo. Whilst the tours can be guided, the emphasis here is on operating a self-guided tour where you have some decision as to where and where you stop and go. Guides often carry some snacks and refreshments in the field.

Different bikes are given for different age groups and there are few restrictions on what you can do on the trails.

As well as the above you can also participate in a Hot Air Baloon Safari, Golf Safari, Horse Back Riding or Surfing.

Adventure activities in Uganda, Outdoor excursions in Uganda – Adventure activities in Uganda, Outdoor excursions in Uganda