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Fishing in Uganda

Fishing in Uganda; one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. It’s beauty doesn’t only reside in the fantastic scenery but also in its incredible bodies of water.

Situated on the elevated basin which rises between the Eastern and the western branches of the Great Rift Valley, most of Uganda is well watered and fertile with almost 25% of the country’s surface being covered by water.

Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa, is shared by Uganda with Tanzania and Kenya. Lakes Albert, Edward and George on the Congolese border as well as the marshy and ill defined Lake Kyoga in the centre of the country all offer great sites for fishing trips.

The Nile also offers opportunities for fishing at various points. In few places can you experience the quality of fishing that you can in Uganda where you can appreciate the beautiful, unpolluted and naturally gifted surroundings at the cradle of serenity.

Over 350 fish species have been recorded in Uganda, but it’s primarily the giant Nile perch and Tilapia that have support the sport fishing tourist income. You can also find catfish, Tiger fish, Barbel, Ferocious fighter, Rastrineobola, Lung fish, Protopterus among many other that are of interest.

We’re here to help you and offer you the best and most opportune and memorable fishing moments while at the same time discovering the treasures of Uganda as a unique destination in Africa!

Murchison Falls

At Murchison Falls National park, fish are caught on live bait or with casting lures. You can catch Nile perch and various species of catfish. There’s also a large variety of smaller species, (used as live bait), obtained by spinning, including tiger fish.

Fishing is either from the river bank or from a boat at the base of the falls area. This fishing is generally done over a few days and can be very exciting but it does require some experience and also a certain level of fitness due to the terrain. The best way to reach the point is by boat as the hike down from the top of the Falls is quite a tough one.

Fishing permits cost $50 for one day and $150 for four days and the best months to go are from January to March, and from July to October.

The fishing is primarily conducted at the base of the falls as the temperatures in the park can rocket to 40 degrees and the shade of the Falls rovides some comfort.

Anglers will need a minimum of a 2.4m rod with a mounted spool of multiplier fishing reel, seven spinning rod with a 3/5 kg line for the smaller fish, and a 30-35lb line for the larger species.

The largest fish caught to date at this location was an 108kg perch but it’s long been thought that the biggest fish there could be anywhere from 150-200kg.

Lake Victoria

This is an enormous lake, about 70,000 square km in size that stretches through Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. There are 84 islands in all within the lake, most of which will support the desire to fish.

The best season to come here for fishing is October to March as it gives you a chance of catching larger perch than otherwise, but also Tilapia via fly fishing.

There are half day tours from Entebbe that last for around 4 hours and full day that last for 8 hours, but be aware that the exact location picked for you to fish at will be determined by the current weather conditions and also how the fish are biting.

The boat trip lasts for around 45 minutes and you are provided with a range of facilities and refreshments, but you are advised personally to bring sufficient sunscreen as you will outside with little cover. The approximate cost is $125 for whichever tour you decide to take.

Other Fishing locations

There are plenty of locations to fish in Uganda, to go with the above two primary spots. Below are a couple of other locations that are worth considering:

  • Lake Mburo – Lake Mburo has five significant lakes and there are a total of 12 in the immediate area but most fishing is done around Mazinga. There are 6 distinct species that you can be expected to try for including tilapia. The permit for fishing in Lake Mburo is only around $15 making it a better economy choice than other major locations in Uganda. You will be expected to provide your own gear for your excursion but at a range of lodges in the area, you can arrange to have the fish you caught prepared for eating that same day.
  • Sipi Falls, Mt Elgon – Fishing here is primarily fly-fishing, done on a catch and release basis like in Murchison Falls. The falls lie on the edge of Mount Elgon national park towards the Kenya border on the East of Uganda, and fishing takes place at the top of the falls above the waterfall. Rainbow trout have been re-introduced to the area within recent years and will be the primary hunt at this location, weighing in at a couple of kg on average. You will need a permit from the Sipi Falls river lodge to fish here but they will also provide you with equipment if you are lacking.