Organisation and Ownership

Ever Based Tours and Travel Limited is a private limited company, which is limited by shares. The company presently has a registered share capital of UGX 50,000,000/=; this is up from the original registered capital of UGX 4,000,000/= at the time of the registration.

The company was registered on 20th of April, 2006 and started business on 1st of July, 2006 hence it has been in the business of Tours and Travel for the last eleven years.

During this time of service, Ever Based Tours and Travel has evolved and has attained recognition in the field of service; the company is now an IATA accredited Company, is a member of TUGATA (Association of Uganda Travel Agents); is also a member of AUTO (Association of Uganda Tour Operators); is also a member of CCRA International, based in USA; Ever Based Tours and Travel is also a member of USAGA (Uganda Safari Guides Association) which brings together Safari Guides in Uganda.

The company has twelve (15) employees who help her to carry out day today activities. All the employees are youthful professionals who are willing to serve clients to the clients’ best satisfaction.

Presently, the company is operating as an IATA accredited company a status which it attained in July, 2010. This therefore means, the company can set up an office anywhere in the world and transact travel related business. In the first two years of accreditation, Ever Based Tours and Travel had to run two securities: a bank guarantee as well as insurance policy with Mercantile Insurance. However, after two years with a clean chit, Ever Based Tours and Travel Ltd was allowed to operate without a bank guarantee but only with insurance cover.