Kampala-Entebbe Express highway commissioned

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni and senior Chinese official Wang Yang on Friday commissioned a new toll road linking the capital to the country’s only international airport.The highway is one of the most beautiful pieces of Uganda’s growing stock of infrastructure.

At the commission, Museveni hailed China, who helped fund the expressway project, for supporting the development of many African countries, narrating a long history of friendship that started after the Communists took over in Beijing in 1949.

The 51.4 km Kampala-Entebbe Expressway is expected to improve the traffic flow by decongesting the current Kampala-Entebbe road by acting as a bypass and a distributor road.

The highway will also be a great way to visit Uganda as it eases transport means for tourists moving  to and from the Entebbe International airport.Visitors can now choose to rest in any part of Kampala as it is easier for them to connect to the airport and not miss their flights due to heavy traffic versus in the past where they have been limited to resting in guest houses around Entebbe to avoid missing flights!

The project that has stretched for over five years has also created employment opportunities for over 1500 Ugandans.

Kampala Entebbe express highway