Everest Kayundo, Managing Director

Everbased tours have enjoyed showing off our unique country to clients since 2006.

“We’ve grown a bit since then! We employ experienced local guides full-time who are there to assist you in any way they can, we offer a suite of vehicles and can tailor any trip to each clients requirements but our motto has remained the same, ‘customer satisfaction is our pride’.

We are IATA accredited company, plus are accredited and afilliated by to a host of travel and tour organisations. In addition to running Evebased Tours I am proud to be is the chairman of Kampala City Traders’ Association (KACITA).

Discovering Uganda is unforgettable. Every time I go on the road I discover something new in our wonderful country and we are delighted to be able to bring it to life for so many people.”

Kayondo Everest is the Managing Director of Everbased Tours and Travel Limited.

Everest started out as a secondary school teacher and finally set off for his own business as an entrepreneur, hence becoming self employed.

Mr. Kayondo Everest is a re-known management consultant.

He holds a Diploma in Education which he obtained from Makerere University, he also holds a Degree in Education which he obtained from the Institute of Teacher Education, Kyambogo. He also obtained a masters degree in Business Management from the University of South Africa. This is not to mention so many short courses which he has attended.

Mr. Kayondo Everest has served in different management as well as administrative capacities.

Presently, Mr. Kayondo is the chairman of Kampala City Traders’ Association (KACITA) a lobby and advocacy organisation for the businessmen and women of Kampala city and its adjoining areas. He also served as a Board member of the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, he also served on the Mengo Lubiri Development Committee. He’s a Board member of the Private Sector Foundation of Uganda (PSFU) which is the apex body of private sector organisations in Uganda and also once headed the Audit Committee of PSFU.

Mr. Kayondo is the founder Chairman of Masaka Microfinance and Development Co-operative Trust Ltd (MAMIDECOT) and when he retired, he was appointed the Chairman Supervisory Committee, a position he still holds. He was the Chairman of Bishop Kaggwa Foundation Forum (BKFF) and served as chairman of the Board of Governors for Bukulula Senior Secondary School between 2006 and 2016, as well as being a member of Board of St. Henry’s College Kitovu.

Mr. Kayondo Everest also sits on the PTA Executive committees of: St. Henry, Kitovu.

Of late he has been appointed to sit on communication committee of Bank of Uganda (between BOU and the public).

Besides, Mr. Kayondo has been in business since August 1983 importing from different countries, like UAE, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, South Africa, to mention but a few.

  • Kayondo has been recognised by different organisations for his exemplary service in different capacities, inter alia, : MASAKA DIOCESE : for his dedicated service to the Church;
  • BAYTOWN UNIVERSITY as Role Modal and Mentor of the Business Community in Uganda;
  • PRIVATE SECTOR FOUNDATION OF UGANDA for dedicated service to grow Private Sector in Uganda;
  • BUKULULA S.S. for board Stewardship for ten years;
  • CPA (Chattered Public Accountants of Uganda) for the contribution and submissions on different Accountability papers during their workshops;

Ever Based Tours and Travel Limited therefore enjoy the versatility of this director.