Currency and Money.

The local currency is Uganda Shillings (UGX). Notes are in denominations of 50,000/- , 20,000/- ,10,000/- , 5,000/- , 2,000/- and 1,000/-. Coins are in denominations of 500, 200 , 100 and 50/-.

Try not to accept very old and dirty notes as they may be rejected in some other places.

The US Dollar, Euro and Pound Sterling are all recognized currencies in Uganda and can be used for cash payments. Other international currencies may also be accepted in bigger towns though travellers may find a hard time using them in smaller towns.

Credit cards; American express, visa , master cards are accepted but not widely used. Some travel agencies, large hotels and shops in urban areas may accept them.
ATMS are widely spread in large towns.

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