Ever Based Tours and Travel Limited is a Company Limited by shares and a Private Limited Company.


A Tourist and Travel Company of Choice in the East African Market.


To professionally provide customer centric services in the areas of tourism and travel.


Customer satisfaction is our pride


Ever Based Tours and Travel Limited is a private limited company, which is limited by shares. The company presently has a registered share capital of UGX 50,000,000/=; this is up from the original registered capital of UGX 4,000,000/= at the time of the registration.

The company was registered on 20th of April, 2006 and started business on 1st of July, 2006 hence it has been in the business of Tours and Travel for the last eleven years.

During this time of service, Ever Based Tours and Travel has evolved and has attained recognition in the field of service; the company is now an IATA accredited Company, is a member of TUGATA (Association of Uganda Travel Agents); is also a member of AUTO (Association of Uganda Tour Operators); is also a member of CCRA International, based in USA; Ever Based Tours and Travel is also a member of USAGA (Uganda Safari Guides Association) which brings together Safari Guides in Uganda.


Ever Based Tours and Travel Limited offers the following services:

  • Tour and Safari Packages (both outbound and inbound) ;
  • Air ticketing and Reservations;
  • Hotel booking and Reservations;
  • Homes away from home (with fully furnished apartments for guests);
  • Visa advice;
  • Honeymoon Packages;
  • International medical insurance cover;
  • Medical Tourism;
  • Car hire services.
  • School Tours;
  • Conference Planning and Arrangements; and
  • Hunting Packages


The company has twelve (15) employees who help her to carry out day today activities.

All the employees are youthful professionals who are willing to serve clients to the clients’ best satisfaction.

Presently, the company is operating as an IATA accredited company a status which it attained in July, 2010. This therefore means, the company can set up an office anywhere in the world and transact travel related business. In the first two years of accreditation, Ever Based Tours and Travel had to run two securities: a bank guarantee as well as insurance policy with Mercantile Insurance. However, after two years with a clean chit, Ever Based Tours and Travel Ltd was allowed to operate without a bank guarantee but only with insurance cover.


Ever Based Tours and Travel Limited is private company limited by shares. Presently, the company has two directors: namely, Kayondo Everest, Kakooza Frank,.


Managing Director:

Mr. Kayondo Everest is a re-known management consultant. He holds a Diploma in Education which he obtained from Makerere University, he also holds a Degree in Education which he obtained from the Institute of Teacher Education, Kyambogo. He also obtained a masters degree in Business Management from the University of South Africa. This is not to mention so many short courses which he has attended.

Mr. Kayondo Everest has served in different management as well as administrative capacities.

Presently, Mr. Kayondo is the chairman of Kampala City Traders’ Association (KACITA) a lobby and advocacy organisation for the businessmen and women of Kampala city and its adjoining areas. He also served as a Board member of the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, he also served on the Mengo Lubiri Development Committee. He was also a Board member of the Private Sector Foundation of Uganda (PSFU) which is the apex body of private sector organisations in Uganda. He also once headed the Audit Committee of PSFU.

Mr. Kayondo is the founder Chairman of Masaka Microfinance and Development Co-operative Trust Ltd (MAMIDECOT) and when he retired, he was appointed the Chairman Supervisory Committee , a position he still holds; he was also the Chairman of Bishop Kaggwa Foundation Forum (BKFF). Mr. Kayondo also served as chairman Board of Governors Bukulula Senior Secondary School between 2006 and 2016; he is also a member of Board of St. Henry’s College Kitovu.

Mr. Kayondo Everest also sits on the PTA Executive committees of: St. Henry, Kitovu.

Of late he has been appointed to sit on communication committee of Bank of Uganda (between BOU and the public);

Besides, Mr. Kayondo has been in business since August 1983 importing from different countries, like UAE, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, South Africa, to mention but a few.

  • Kayondo has been recognised by different organisations for his exemplary service in different capacities, inter alia, : MASAKA DIOCESE : for his dedicated service to the Church;
  • BAYTOWN UNIVERSITY as Role Modal and Mentor of the Business Community in Uganda;
  • PRIVATE SECTOR FOUNDATION OF UGANDA for dedicated service to grow Private Sector in Uganda;
  • BUKULULA S.S. for board Stewardship for ten years;
  • CPA (Chattered Public Accountants of Uganda) for the contribution and submissions on different Accountability papers during their workshops;

Ever Based Tours and Travel Limited therefore enjoy the versatility of this director.

         2.KAKOOZA FRANK:


Mr. Kakooza Frank possesses two diplomas: one for Business administration and another for IATA. Mr. Kakooza has also served in different capacities in various tours and travel companies as well as airlines. He served in Africa One Airlines, Emirates Airlines, and South African Airlines before joining the Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM).

It is his vast experience in the airline industry that Ever Based enjoys in order to inculcate professionalism in the company activities as well as among the staff members.

During his free time, Frank joins Christ the King Church choir.


  • Since inception, Ever Based Tours and Travel has made a number of achievements, inter alia, she has remained open for the last eleven years.
  • Secondly, she has grown both qualitatively and quantitatively. In terms of quality, she has managed to employ modern marketing methods in order to cut down the cost of marketing yet increase in the number of client retention. In fact the saying that a satisfied customer always markets the organisation has come true. Our clientele base has grown from the original 30 to the present 1,000! With all of them tightly hooked to the company.
  • Besides, on the front of the quantitative growth, Ever Based has grown from the original registered capital of Ugxshs. 4,000,000/= to the present registered and paid up capital of Ugx. 50,000,000/=. It is financially sounding and satisfies all the tests of a financially sound company.
  • During the company’s life time, Ever Based has managed to become a member of TUGATA (The Uganda Association of Travel Agents).
  • Ever Based has is also a member of AUTO (Association of Uganda Tour Operators).
  • Ever Based is also a member of USAGA (Uganda Safari Guides’ Association); and CCRA Internal based in USA
  • In January, 2010, Ever Based was awarded the prize of the best non-IATA booking agent in Uganda by Travel Port Uganda Ltd.
  • In May, 2010, Ever Based was awarded as best non- IATA selling agent for Emirates Airlines.
  • In July, 2010 Ever Based became accredited as an IATA-agent and has remained so up to date.
  • Ever Based also obtained a prize in form of a computer from Galileo Uganda because of recording high sales growth. In addition thus far, Galileo pays for all internet connections to Ever Based; again because of good performance in sales.
  • The company has obtained Rebate tickets from number of airlines in appreciation of high sales realised by the company. The donors in this respect include, inter alia, Emirates Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Qatar Airways, Fly Dubai, Rwanda Air, as well as Kenya Airways.
  • Ever Based also received a present from one of her over satisfied customers.
  • Other awards include: Certificates of recognition from South African Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, as well as one from Emirates Airlines.
  • In 2015, Ever Based was ranked among the TOP 100 Small and Medium Enterprises in Uganda.
  • The same award of being among the TOP 100 Small and Medium Enterprises was again awarded to Ever Based in 2016.
  • World tourism markets attended by Ever Based Tours and Travel Ltd:
  1. WTM (World Tourism Marketing) in London;
  2. KWITA IZINA, Kigali;
  • FUTUR in Madrid of Spain;
  1. ITB of Berlin of Germany and
  2. Travel Agent Forum Las Vegas in USA
  3. Arab Travel Market in Dubai;


Ever Based Tours and Travel Ltd. has a fleet of customised vehicles for tourism for all categories of clients: Budget clients, mid- range as well as luxury clients.

Last year alone we took over 31 schools to different tourist attraction centres across Uganda. Besides, we also took over 30 groups of tourists from different parts of the world, again to different tourist attraction centres.

We believe we are the best company to do this job.


Ever Based Tours and Travel Limited offices are located in Kampala on Burton Street, Plot 8, Aponye House, 4th Floor, Block B.


OFFICE LINE: 0414-230060



TEL: +256-772434723.

Email: everest.kayondo@everbased.com

E-MAIL: info@everbased.com

FACEBOOK: Everbased Tours

TWITTER: everbased_tours

YOUTUBE: Everbased Tours and Travel

Everbased Tours and Travel is also represented on Safari Bookings,our partners, for all Safari reveiews and for more safari information.

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