A boat safari on Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park is something you will never forget in the longest time. Kazinga is a natural channel of approximately 40 kilometers connecting Lakes Edward and George and is undeniably a must-visit spot for most travelers to this secluded safari destination.


This beautiful natural channel offers travelers numerous private boat safaris, most of which take you across the calm waters and near the shores where high concentrations of Hippos and Nile crocodiles are sighted on the shallow shores while African bush elephants, Cape buffaloes, and antelopes are seen drinking, bathing or grazing on green vegetation. There are lots of private boat Safaris on the Kazinga Channel that normally depart daily (morning, afternoon, and evening) from the Mweya jetty and take visitors on a full ride of adventure.

Some of the perks of experiencing boat safaris on Kazinga Channel include the fact that lots of animals and birds are sighted, which is obviously an absolute plus to the refreshing feeling of cruising on these calm waters. Experience these boat safaris in the morning, afternoon, or evening (with sunset views and lots of drinks) in addition to stepping off the boat in a more relaxed and very peaceful state of mind. All boat safaris on Kazinga Channel are guaranteed of providing sightseeing that will leave travellers mind-blown and captivated.

Treat your lover to a romantic boat safari on the calm waters of Kazinga Channel or better still make it a family affair to provide bonding time as well as relish the fabulous colors as well as the amazing feelings that Mother Nature provides us. For bird enthusiasts, expect sights of open-billed storks, African jacana, Black Crakes, saddle-billed storks, pink-backed and great white pelicans, yellow-billed storks, long-tailed cormorants, Darters, African mourning Doves, Pied and Malachite Kingfishers, African fish eagles, African skimmers, shoebill storks, Blue-breasted bee-eaters, to mention but a few.

Best time of the year to experience Boat safaris on Kazinga Channel

The most popular time of the year to experience a Boat safari on Kazinga Channel is during the dry season-months of June to September and December to February when most watering points around Queen Elizabeth National Park have dried up hence leaving major ones like Kazinga Channel. For this reason, animals converge here to drink water thus providing the most unforgettable game viewing experiences. Visitors who have enjoyed this adventure in both seasons will agree that more animal views are guaranteed in the dry season than it is in the rainy season-March to May and October to November.

Come and explore Queen Elizabeth National Park with us, speak to our journey expert for your next wildlife safari to Uganda for an opportunity to discover Africa’s hidden gem.