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Uganda is a landlocked country and well known to be the Pearl of Africa. It is an English speaking nation that was colonized by the British in the past years.Uganda is also increasingly refereed to as one of the world’s best safari destinations with a total of 10 national parks and 12 game reserves.

World famous as the place to see families of mountain gorillas are Mgahinga National park and Bwindi Impenetrable national park where the popular gorilla trekking safaris take place. L.Mburo National park famous for its Zebars,Giraffes,Buffaloes and also known as the park with no elephants,we have Queen Elizabeth National park  where you get to see Lions,Elephants,Buffalos,Hippopotamuses among other wildlife but it is also known as the park without Zebras and Giraffes! Murchison falls National park which is currently the most famous of all the 10 parks is popular for its game drives where tourists get to see giraffes,Lions,Hippopotamuses and the popular launch cruise. Kibale Forest National park is also known as the home of Uganda’s primates is the go to park for those who want to see Monkeys,Chimpanzees and Baboons. Rwenzori National park on the other hand is famous for tourists interested in nature walks and hikes and the Rwenzori mountains that are snow capped from January to December with gracier rivers as well. The park is also popular for having the 4 horned and 3 horned chameleons! Kidepo National park in the Karamoja region is known as the park with the most animals and Semliki National park is most common for having the male and female hot springs which cure male and female people’s problems in order! Tourists can also boil their food e.g eggs and matooke from the hot springs. Lastly is Uganda’s 10th National park,Mt.Elgon National park which is popular for mountaineering and hiking safaris.

Other places to visit include the Source of the Nile,Sipi Falls,Mabeere ga Nyamwiru, among others.

Everbased Tours and Travel helps you discover a country rich in culture and customs, stunning and diverse in landscape by taking to any of the listed attractions through our different safaris in Uganda,Rwanda and the rest of E.Africa and you will receive a warm Ugandan welcome everywhere you go.

Established in 2006, Everbased has helped thousands of clients fall in love with Uganda.

“Every part of the trip was on point for the Ever Based team had given us a blueprint of the journey.

The trip was overwhelming in that all our expectations were met and our driver was always prompt.”

jekawre, Trip Advisor
“Everbased prepared us for the trip by briefing us on what to carry since we visited at the peak of the dry season.

The driver drove wonderfully for such a long trip – I am very grateful. And the company was great.”

bmatovu, Trip Advisor
“Everbased is a family for any tourist in Uganda. We enjoyed the country with this family.

Uganda is home to the source of the Nile, big gameparks, world’s strongest waterfall; the murchison falls. We got to know all about this with Everbased.”

xhaseem, Trip Advisor
“We had a pretty full itinerary, but the good humour, relaxed nature and local insight with which the trip was delivered made it simply unforgettable.

You may arrive in Uganda as ‘strangers’, but if you travel with Everbased Tours I guarantee that you will leave as friends.”

Chris Owen, Trip Advisor


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A word from Everest, our Managing Director… 

Kayondo Everest

“Everbased Tours has enjoyed showing off our unique country to clients since 2006.

On top of offering adventurous safaris across Uganda and East Africa at large,we also offer international air ticketing services, visa advice, hotel bookings,travel insurance, medical tourism and religious pilgrimages.We are affiliated with AUTO, IATA, USAGA, UTB, TUGATA among others.

In addition to running Evebased Tours,I am proud to be the chairman of the Association of Uganda Tour Operators(AUTO).

Discovering Uganda is unforgettable,everytime I go on the road I discover something new in our wonderful country. We are are delighted to be able to bring it to life for so many people together with my team at Everbased Tours & Travel”

Everest Kayondo

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